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We serve adults with developmental disabilities with strong desires to attend university courses, continue on to stable employment, and develop meaningful relationships in the community. 

PDD referrals undergo review to manage limited space in our employment and education support services. After a referral is approved, prospective students are invited along with their parents / guardians to participate in an interview.

When a new spot becomes available in Graduate Support Services (GSS), the students who will be graduating from Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE) service that year will be notified of the spot.  If no students are graduating, or no current graduating students are interested, then students who graduated the year before will be notified and given the opportunity to apply. 


Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE) students will attend their respective university for four to five years to mirror a typical undergraduate students. During this time students will develop literacy skills and learn course content through completing course assignments, learning how to take effective notes, developing study strategies, and taking quizzes and tests. 


Individuals who continue on to Graduate Support Services (GSS) will receive employment support for a maximum of five years. During this time graduates can expect to undergo employment preparation, development of soft skills, and direct on-site support from a Facilitator. 


In order to support students and graduates in developing their own independence,  staff promote the self-agency and decision-making of each person. This means that we encourage individuals to experiment and take calculated risks by making informed choices. This ensures that students and graduates gain exposure to the same variety of lifestyle opportunities as others in the university community and the community as a whole. 


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