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Our main objective is to support adults with developmental disabilities by directly supporting their education and employment goals.  Facilitating these helps them in developing the practical skills necessary to live and work in the community. 


Inclusion within the university population promotes participation in a variety of social interactions and development of many new skills. Workplace support assists graduates to develop careers and continue to cultivate their independence. 

Our philosophy is to encourage people who have a developmental disability to develop lifelong and defining relationships. These relationships foster a sense of belonging are critical to an inclusive future for young adults as they strive to live productive lives in the community. 


We strive to create space where positive change can happen!

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Our Vision is for students within a university setting that has a large population of their peers and by facilitating interactions and participation in regular classes, in campus activities, in the workplace, and in volunteer settings. Active participation in university life enables a wide range of typical campus activities alongside student peers. Through our facilitation model we can support responsible decision-making, independence, self-determination, and self-esteem through meaningful experiences. 


Our Vision for Graduate Support Services (GSS) is to increase the employment potential of students and graduates by providing opportunities for developing job skills and job contacts through summer employment or volunteer position.  

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